Zakk Wylde – A New Yorker, Early Beginnings

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Zakk Wylde – A New Yorker. Born in New Jersey, on January 14 1967, in Bayonne.

Zakk was brought up in Jackson, New Jersey, and his love of music started at an early age. By age 8, Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt, as his real name is, had started playing the guitar.

The bug had bitten! By age 14, Zakk was working at Silverton music, in the Silverton area of Toms River. No doubt this budding guitarist had a growing love of what would eventually become his trade.

Zakk Wylde – The Passion Blossoms

Zakk might not be the best role model for students, at least school students! His claim was, that he would practice the guitar for 12 hours a day, wow! A huge amount! The problem with this was, that Zakk claimed that these 12 hours were taken from the break between coming home from school, until he went to school the next day!

Would you be surprised to know that Zakk often slept during school hours? Probably not, a mans got to sleep sometime! Clearly, Mr Wylde placed his guitar passion above any educational goals, and, as life has turned out, this proved, in his case, to be a sound investment of time!(Not for kids at home).

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