United Nations Building


The United Nations Building

Where the current United Nations Building is now, ground was broken for it’s construction on September 14, 1948. A $30 million dollar contract was shared between four construction companies.

What is now unofficially the headquarters of the world, is land that remains part of the United States, although it is also, at the same time, United Nations territory…

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Central Park

Central- Park

For all of us, a visit to the Big Apple is never complete without taking a time out in Central Park.

This beautiful location nested in the midst of Manhattan is an island of serenity amongst the jungle of concrete.

We might wonder, how did it come to be here? And, how big, exactly is it?

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Statue of Liberty


Statue of Liberty – A History

Can there be any more iconic New York monument than the Statue of Liberty? It stands at the entrance to the Big Apple as some declaration of what the nation expects it’s visitors to honour, the moral and ethical code that are an ideal for the peoples to live by. And, this monument has been gracing the entrance for many years. If asked how it came to be here, what would our answer be?

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New York – A Concise History – Early


New York – A Concise History – Early Times


New York A Concise History….It hardly seems possible! For a city with so much character, culture and buzz, the task seems insurmountable…So, how are we going to go about this?

To recount the whole history of this great city, with it’s intricacies of personalities, construction and social interaction would likely fill a whole library. Therefore, we aim to present here just a snapshot of New York a concise history to show that history, like a building, has it’s own supporting pillars, events that have held up the character of what it is that makes New York one of the world’s great cities. So, with that in mind, let’s consider firstly, some early history.

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